Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thanks Mr. Lettuce!

For the best salad ever! Our lettuce was finally ready to eat this only took 3 months! I wasn't sure we could grow lettuce here in the Caribbean, and I had a hard time keeping him cool and damp, but he grew up beautiful! We used one bunch and added some spinach, tomatoes from the neighbors, strawberries, red onions, goat cheese, and cashews, and topped it all with a raspberry vinaigrette. Delicious!

We did ok on the budget this week ($105 for breakfast and dinner, food and drink), and this is what we ate:

Sunday: Leftover pizza and pasta

Monday: Tamale Casserole in the slow cooker

Tuesday: Leftover tamale casserole

Wednesday: Tapas- three kinds of cheese, strawberries, tomatoes, olives, sausages, bread

Thursday: Salad

Friday: BBQ ribs with corn and coleslaw. We have been cat/tomato sitting a friend's house so were able to use their grilling on the boat! This is a photo of the view with a sailboat race going on.

Saturday: Chef's salad with all our leftovers

We had lots of leftovers and easy meals this week because we were both very busy...husband does charters on our power boat in addition to his diving job and was booked solid! And the artists' garden where I keep my studio had an Art Fair where all the artists open their studios and lots more artists come and set up tables. This happens a few times a year and is always lots of fun. I am normally a glass artist (jewelry, mosaics, etc) but I have been obsessed with making paper lamps, so that is what I showed. It was a great success, but very tiring days, so... easy meals!

Check them out here

Husband is making home made tortillas for dinner tonight, and we are having tostadas with more of the neighbor's delicious tomatoes and hot sauce made from our cayenne peppers...sounds like a great start to the menu week!

Hope everyone has a great week!

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