Sunday, November 1, 2009

Food Fight

In the 6 years that my husband and I have been together, the ONLY fight we have EVER had has been about food. I can remember our first fight as if it were yesterday. T was upset because I didn't dice the tomatoes, but left them in wedges for the salad. Apparently it makes a BIG difference in the taste and I was supposed to have already known this. (I never listen...) Did I mention this fight was probably after an extra long happy hour?

T and I have very different cooking styles. If he has a chicken, carrots, and potatoes, he will make chicken with a side of carrots and potatoes. I will make chicken pot pie. If we have beans he'll serve a side of beans. I will turn them into veggie burgers. He has told me many many times that all he ever wants for dinner is meat and a vegetable. (I never listen...) OK, I do listen but that is so boring!

I love to put every possible combination into the ingredient search! The more unusual the better! I see my cooking style as creative, T thinks I am experimenting on him. Well, last week was one "experiment" too many. Among my menu for the week was a Thai Coconut Curry (ok I know he really doesn't like tofu but I couldn't help myself), Veggie Burgers made with pinto beans from Vegetarian Times magazine, and Pasta Fagioli. For the record, I don't find any of these particularly exotic!

This last one, I thought I was being so nice...he'd been sick for a week and I thought a nice soup would be good, especially one with super veggies like tomatoes and spinach! We have not had this dish before, and guess what? He HATES hot spinach, which is something I should have known if I ever listen to him!!

I will spare you the actual fight, but in the end we agreed to disagree as to which of us was responsible for it, and I handed over all dinner duties to him. He is now planning, shopping, and cooking. This week he did great, came in a little under budget ($105 for the week), and made some great meals, and they were NOT all "meat and a vegetable"!

His meals this week were turkey breast with mashed carrots and stuffing; sausage and peppers; veggie lasagne; sausage pizza; veggie burgers (store bought); fish tacos. And there's actually a lot of ingredients left for meals next week.

I tell you I did miss planning and cooking this week! I do admit I like to take over in the kitchen, but from here on out we are going to try to share a little more. I like what T cooks, and he really is an amazing husband. As I like to remind him, if FOOD is all we have to fight about, we sure are lucky!!

Anyway- we are back living on the boat, and it is good to be home! Here is sunrise from the cockpit...

I think my wind chimes wake us more frequently than the alarm...I have eleven up right now!

Look at this gorgeous basil a friend just gave us!

Among other reasons, it's great to live in the Virgin Islands because today is November 1st, it's 84 degrees, and basil is always in season!
Have a great week everyone!