Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How to Make Caribbean Bouillabase

Step One: Send your husband out to catch a lobster

Step Two: Have him grab a crab, too!

Step Three: Spear a big fish...

Step Four: Make a fish stock, add wine, potatoes, tomatoes, and

carrots. Throw in a packet of bouillabase seasoning (cheating? maybe...but he's worked hard enough!) When everything has boiled for a while, add the rest of the lobster, crab and fish. Don't forget all the meat in the legs! See my post "Lobster Popcorn" for an easy way to get it all. Let it simmer while the fresh bread finishes baking.

Step Five: Invite a couple neighbors over and enjoy!

For the rest of the week, we did great on the budget ($105) for the week...we only spent $70! This was in great part to our neighbors who left for the season and gave us what was left in their pantry- always appreciated, and this is what we ate:

Wednesday: Stir fry vegetables with rice

Thursday: Split pea soup

Friday: Lobster BBQ (next post maybe?)

Saturday: dinner out with a visiting friend...T had Wahoo and I had Beef Wellington

Sunday: Pasta with pesto made from basil out of our "garden"

Monday: Caribbean Bouillabaisse

Tuesday: Sandwiches with the last of our tomatoes from the garden, served with microwave potato chips (sounds weird but really good!)

Hope everyone has a great week!

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