Thursday, July 22, 2010

His and Hers Grilling

One of the few disadvantages of living on a sailboat is that we don't have a grill. We tried once, mounting a small one on the side of the cockpit, but flames so close to the fabric awning made me way too nervous! So whenever we get the opportunity to grill, we go a little nuts (ok, mostly husband goes a little nuts). Some friends recently took a long weekend off island, and we stayed at their place to babysit their dogs.

Husband T could eat meat or chicken every single meal, while I prefer once or twice a week, and the grill makes it so easy for each of us to have exactly what we want. Our first night we made grilled corn on the cob, grilled brussels sprouts, and he had a Delmonico steak and I had a portobello mushroom. You can hardly tell that mine isn't steak! I marinated it in oil and vinegar, some grill seasoning and a mini cube of cilantro. This is something I discovered at the market's a little cube of powdered cilantro that you crumble into whatever you would put regular cilantro into. Cilantro here is currently $2.99 for a small bunch, so I used the cube. Anyway, the mushroom was delicious! Anyone trying to eat less meat should really try this!

Another night we had grilled chicken salad, and everything went on to the grill...tomatoes, onions, red peppers, lettuce, and of course the chicken! T made a dressing out of raspberry jam and balsamic vinegar -the sweet/tart was perfect over all of that grilled goodness! We also topped it with feta and mint.

Grilled burgers were the next night...and after that I was meat-ed out! So the next night was Tofu of my very favorite meals. I breaded the tofu in panko and parm and baked it in the oven until crisp and brown, and served it over pasta with some tomatoes, onions, and more cheese!

Other meals for the week were turkey meatloaf, pasta primavera, and dinner out with friends, and we spent about $100 for the week, which is $5 under budget.

This week we seem to be all about fish! We have had salmon and veggies twice (first salmon was teriakied and pan fried, the other was honey gingered and baked), and T caught a couple different fish speardiving, as well as an octopus which I will not be trying. (See old post "Octopus Brains").

Hope everyone has a great week!