Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Joy of...English Muffins!

I just bought my very first Joy of Cooking!...what a funny book! (Did people really used to eat all those aspic recipes?) There is a thrift store on the island that is great for used books, and cookbooks go really fast- this was the first time I've actually seen any cookbook. And all 915 hardcover pages for $1!

Of course I am addicted to AR, but also love to flip through a good cookbook, and this has everything. The first recipe I tried was English Muffins, which I have never made, but always wanted to try. They cost almost $5 here, so I only buy them on sale. It was a pretty easy standard dough recipe, the surprise to me was that they are cooked on the stove top and not in the oven! I halved the recipe so only made 12. After the dough rose I rollled it out and cut circles to rise again, until about doubled

Unfortunately, when I touched them to place on the griddle, they fell flat! The muffins rose slightly while cooking, but not as high as they had been.

Time for the real test...would they have nooks and crannies? The recipe advised to fork-split them holding 2 forks back to back and gently pulling apart.

And they were perfect! I toasted up and ate 4 on the spot, and we have been enjoying them all week!

We were just under budget this week, which is $105 for food and drink. We spent $104.37 and this is what we ate:

Sunday: Taco Salad

Monday: Veggie ribs with mashed potatoes and corn

Tuesday: Turkey Chimichangas (baked in the oven not deep fried)

Wednesday: Steak salad with avocado

Thursday: Buffalo Chicken salad

Friday: Corn chowder and lobster bites (little chunks battered and fried from a lobster husband caught that day)

Saturday: Dinner at a friends, they cooked fillet tails, baked potatoes, and caprese salad

Seems like we ate a lot of meat this week! Will try to finish this week out veggie...hope eveyone has a great week!!

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