Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mahi Mahi Mahi

Yep! We had one BIG fish three times this week! Husband caught a gorgeous Mahi Mahi earlier in the week and we were able to get two dinners and a brunch out of it. We were also given an avocado from a neighbor's tree that was gigantic...we had avocado with almost every meal!

Quick note about the fish- I do not eat a lot of fish as I got fish poisoning a couple times in the last few years. I don't think I had the very severe ciguatera, which can be fatal...but it was bad enough. I have also heard that if you are poisoned by one type, say snapper, you can eat snapper again and your body thinks it's poisoned even if it's not! So, very hesitant on the fish eating. But since T caught this himself out in very deep water (reef fish tend to be more dangerous), I decided to brave it. And it was really good fish.

Monday was avocado tacos with black beans and rice, T added fish to his. Tuesday was avocado salad and sashimi mahi (raw sushi style), but I admit I couldn't get past the texture and spit mine out over the balcony. Wednesday was spinach salad with turkey bacon, tons of veggies, and avocado, of course! Thursday I made my very favorite Tofu Parmigiana from AR. Friday was mixed vegetable quesadillas, and Saturday was fish again. T grilled it with a black bean garlic sauce and we had steamed broccoli and peanut satay. Sunday brunch was one of T's favorites, fish and eggs. We had run out of stove propane so the fish was grilled and I made microwave scrambled eggs.

If you've never tried eggs in the microwave, they are very fluffy and very easy. Scramble up your eggs in a microwave safe bowl, add a splash of water and a pat of butter. Microwave 30 seconds at a time, stirring the cooked edges in to the middle. I did 5 eggs and it took about 4 minutes total.

Sunday night I made turkey burgers sans buns, along with a broccoili pasta salad. Overall, a pretty healthy week and I only spent $69, so $36 into vacation fund!

Hope everyone has a great week!

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